Andrew Hall FWCB Master Blacksmith

I was approached to make a birthday present for someones wife who loves fairies. So with great interest as well as great misgivings as to how this would come out I embarked on a project to create a wrought iron sculpture of a fairy sitting on a mushroom!

So this is the story of how a steel fairy came into being:

To begin with I fashioned a torso from a piece of steel bar.

Then I created the legs and attached them to the torso. It was quite a challenge fashioning muscle shape but I am quite pleased with the results.

The arms were made in the same way and attached to the torso. The next step was to create the head. This was the hardest part working with such a small piece of steel and I have to confess she is not pretty but I gave her a pony tail to add to her femininity!

The wings were then cut from some steel plate and forged to give them wave and movement.

Finally the mushroom is forged using hammer marks to give texture to the mushroom and the fairy sat in place.