Andrew Hall FWCB Master Blacksmith

It was Hot Hot Hot for both days of the Exeter Craft Festival on Cathedral Green and Ice cream was the flavour of the day!

We didn’t make ourselves terribly popular with the other stall holders at the start of the first day when we started our (rather noisy) generator and lit the fire blowing smoke into other tents! But once it was all up and running it was fine, but next year we will definitely try and find a quieter generator. We need a generator to powder the blower which we use instead of old fashioned bellows.

We had on display a brand new garden sculpture of 6ft high Bluebells. This certainly seemed very popular with many appreciative comments and indeed it was sold on the Saturday which was good news for us and good news for the retirement home where it is to live.

Our Glass and Bottle Holders proved very popular with the fabulous warm evenings we are having at the moment.

I nearly melted in the heat demonstrating traditional blacksmithing techniques which seemed to be popular with the public. I certainly needed my cold beer at the end of the day!



We very much look forward to the festival next year.