Andrew Hall FWCB Master Blacksmith

Wishing all my customers a very happy new year and many thanks for your business in 2013.

Christmas was, I am glad to say, a very busy time for us as ASH Ironworks. We were busy 7 days a week at both our forges in Devon at Branscombe and Powderham during both November and December. If you visited us you will have heard the ring of the anvil, roar of the forge, or the sound of the grinders as we polished the metal ready for their finish.

Whilst we were very busy, we never compromised our standards and you can rest assured we never will. High Quality is of great importance to me and to the others that work with me. All our products are hand made to the highest standards by skilled blacksmiths using traditional and modern techniques.

I look forward to doing more business with you  in 2014