Andrew Hall FWCB Master Blacksmith

A Trio of Organic Garden Gates

I was commissioned to make 3 gates after the customer saw my original Organic Gate. The gates needed to be decorative but also prevent the customers dogs from getting out.

The first of the 3 gates needed to have 2 side panels with the gate in the middle. The design has no frame for the gate giving the impression of a single panel when the gate is closed.

The second gate was large being 4m wide in a single leaf. The design was higher at the hinge side reducing in height to the other side to keep the weight down on the far end.

The third gate was a small gate fitted between 2 walls.

The first gate was finished just before the North Somerset Show 2018 and the customer kindly allowed me to enter it into the blacksmith competition at the show where it won first prize.

The finish is galvanised and acid washed.

Organic Gate with Side Panels wrought Iron