Andrew Hall FWCB Master Blacksmith

Devon Hedgerow Sculpture

As at the very beginning of the existence of the Devon Hedgerow, this piece is built upon the foundation of a beautiful aged piece of bark.  From this shaped and curved bark grow the wild mushrooms which appear smooth and sturdy, holding their lowly position just above the ground.

The Poppies are opening welcoming the sunshine filtering down to them in the hedgerow.   You can almost imagine them vying for position in this realistic recreation of their brief flowering days. Standing proudly unaware of all the growth below, and giving the piece poise and dignity are the outstandingly accurate traditional British foxglove. From the top bud just about to bloom to the full open flowers below.

Shaping the piece are two delicate fern leaves languishing where there is room and stretching to outwards to the light.

I was originally commissioned to make highly detailed stainless steel doorknocker in the theme of the countryside. The original sketch allowed for each plant to appear as it would in the countryside and incorporated some of our best loved English wild plants: mushrooms, poppies, foxgloves and ferns.

I entered this piece into the county shows and I gained the title of Champion Blacksmith for the year of 2007.

With this success I decided to make a limited edition of 10 of the sculptures to be used as either,  a door knocker, sculpture from the wall or free standing.


Devon Hedgerow Stainless Steel Scultpure